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At Avani Holistics we want you to experience that all-round feeling of wellbeing. That's why we deliver all our  treatments in a completely calm, relaxing atmosphere in which you can forget all the stresses of daily life.

Our holistic therapies include:



The word Reiki comes from japan and means Universal Life Force Energy.  It is an ancient form of healing re-discovered in the 19th Century by Dr Mikao Usui. It is believed to re-activate the body's own healing ability. It is a gentle treatment and safe to use on people of all ages, promoting a feeling of calm and relaxation



Ear Candle Therapy


Using candles wich are free from a chemicals, pesticide and fungicide residues. Made with a blend of oils, herbs, flax (organically grown cotton) honey, beeswax chamomile, sage and st johns wort. a very relaxing therapy that promotes self healing and relaxation. The ear candly treatment is then followe up with gentle massage of the reflex points on and around the ear, including facial drainage massage thechnique.



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