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Our facial treatments

The face is the mirror of the soul. That's why our intensive care treatments for the face, throat and neckline primarily target your wellbeing. At the beginning of every treatment, we'll analyse your skin type so as to make sure your face receives exactly the treatment it needs.

Our salon specialises in the following facial treatments:

Facial Treatments

Holistic ........  Me time ............ Rejuvenate ................

Holistic Facial  £45

A holistic facial achieves balance and a sense of well-being by using various techniques and natural products tailored to specific skin types and conditions.  All skincare products used are cruelty free and vegan.

Natural face lift massage £55

Natural face lift massage and facial rejuvenation works in complete synergy with your body's natural anti-aging defence systems.

Just a few benefits include:

   Lessens wrinkles

   Releases tension surrounding muscles

   Reduces under-eye bags

   Tones and firms facial muscles

   Improves skin tone

Skincare products

Holistic skincare has become increasingly popular, using natural products consisting of essential oils, botanicals, vitamins.  No harsh chemicals or preservatives.  All skincare used in our facial treatments are 100% cruelty free, 100% vegan, 100% guaranteed.

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